Rapid Tooling process into four distinct elements.

Each element plays an integral part within our process and together they allow us to produce an extremely high quality tool in 20-25 days.

Dates —

When is the quote needed? When will the order be written? When is the design freeze? When are parts needed at your facility?

Geometry —

The more data you can provide us about your project the better we can make your project a success.

Examples of Geometry in Order of Preference:

  • BEST: 3D STEP, Wireframe data, detailed prints and drawings of multiple parts in the assembly view.
  • BETTER: Detailed component prints with component volume.
  • GOOD: Isometric views of the components with overall dimensions and some detail.
  • ADEQUATE: Hand sketches or rough prints.

Material  —

Resin Type, manufacturer and grade; Material color (PMS#) Surface finish.

  • In short, a PMS number corresponds to a specific color and is a specific number, e.g. 2258 C.
  • PMS stands for Pantone Matching System and is a standardized color matching system. To find a Pantone number, you can visit Pantone’s website.

Prototype Quantity  —

How many parts do you need? Life expectancy of your program.

For tooling and piece parts. We meet or beat all qualified competitor quotes.

Target Costs —

Terms  —

Our standard terms are: 50% due upon purchase order. Balance billed NET30 from shipment.

  • Net 30 refers to a payment term where the payment for goods or services is due in full 30 days after the transaction has completed.

Miscellaneous Information —

Mold design requirements, are detailed drawings needed, replacement parts stocked, MUD unit or independent base, Mold Flow, etc. Special packaging requirements for your order.