As of July 2018, Daiwan Hero, Inc.
has become the global
exclusive distributor of Taiwan KYOLI

Taiwan KYOLI is presently one of the world’s leading agricultural
machinery and forestry equipment manufactueres.

KYOLI Technology

Daiwan Hero is partnering with Taiwan Kyoli
to have the R&D center in Taiwan. It is focused
on selecting the toughest parts. Made with the
highest quality standards and advanced engineering.
Daiwan Hero strives to be a reliable source of energy and
solution to any situation that may arise.

The Seeds of Industry

Taiwan’s mass manufacturing history dates back to the 1950s, when the government signed a mutual defense treaty with the United States (that agreement expired in 1979 and was partly replaced by the Taiwan Relations Act). Needing a powerful regional ally, America poured foreign aid and investment into the island’s economy.

Become Distributor / Reseller

If it is in your possibilities, we can give you the exclusive/sole distribution rights for your country. As an exclusive/sole distributor – you have to purchase a minimum amount of the products each 6 months by according agreement. You will sell the products in your shop or e-commerce and you can resell the products to all resellers in your country.